Your usual Friendly Friday Fail is now your Monday Morning Madness!  Enjoy!

I just can’t get a break, out on the town enjoying a new restaurant only to witness smoke billowing out the front door; see video here.

If the engineer on record designed the system as per NFPA-96 and followed Vancouver’s K2 form #21 sentence 3 this would not be happening.

The kitchen exhaust fan needs to energize (turn-on) when the cooking appliances are in operation.  This is to ensure the products of combustion are being removed from the space.  If not then there is a possibility of Carbon Monoxide building up in the space possibly harming its patrons and staff!

NFPA-96- 17 The exhaust fan shall be provided with a means so that the fan is activated when any heat-producing cooking appliance under the hood is turned on.

The typical means to comply with this is to have a heat sensing probe installed in the hood.  Upon detecting heat the probe would send a signal to the control panel to energy the kitchen exhaust fan.

James Hicks P.Eng.

Evolve Mechanical Solutions