Evolve Mechanical Solutions is a specialized engineering firm focused ONLY on Restaurants and Tenant Improvements.

This separates us from our competition by allowing us to be more efficient, cost effective and accurate because it’s the only work we do.

We provide MEP services:  Mechanical (HVAC), Plumbing, Hood Fire Suppression and Electrical Engineering.

Our philosophy is that every day your business is not open you are losing money.  Thus we pride ourselves in being one of the fastest to issue drawings to the city.  Further to that questions and challenges always arise during the construction process.  We respond immediately so as to not delay construction or delay you from opening.

Being a small firm our budget is tight, we understand the cost pressure and limited money clients have.  Thus we provide the most cost effective installation without compromising quality of construction.

Founder, James Hicks is specialized in kitchen engineering after 10+ years of experience with high rise towers, light commercial and institutional engineering, servicing the British Columbia and Alberta area. He has designed systems for clients, such as the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel, The Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver and was the Lead Engineer on the award winning Living with Lakes Leed Platinum, a geo/solar thermal energy building heating system, to name a few.

James Hicks then moved on to open Evolve engineering in 2012 as a sole proprietor and later incorporate in 2013 as Evolve Mechanical Solutions.

Nancy Peng is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering and has worked in the oil and gas industry and with Evolve for over two years.

Kris Zuchowski is a registered Professional Engineer in the province of BC and has been engineering industrial systems for over 30+ years.

Yongkun Lee is an Engineer In Training that has recently graduated from Virginia Tech University and speaks fluent Korean

Take a look at our portfolio page and I’m sure you can see from our long list of restaurants we are the premier restaurant  design specialist.