Mechanical Engineering (HVAC)

The air quality in your business is essential to its success. At Evolve, we have over ten years of experience of servicing more than 200 Vancouver restaurants and office buildings from the design stage through installation. A professional HVAC system makes all the difference in ensuring your heating, ventilation and air conditioning is up to code and running at optimal comfort levels, as well as minimizing the chance of system failure that can lead to serious injury. Learn more.

Plumbing Engineering

Never experience an unexpected water shut-off, clogged grease interceptor, or cold shower again. Let us professionally design your sanitary, storm and domestic plumbing system for uninterrupted use and peace of mind. Learn more.

Hood Fire Suppression Engineering

Fire Suppression systems are your first line in fire protection, working to stop a fire at its source. These industrial systems are crucial for safety standards in restaurants, as well as apartment buildings and student housing. At Evolve, we have years of experience with a variety of Fire Suppression systems and offer inspections, installations and repairs to ensure your design meets industry code standards. Learn more.