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Recent changes to grease interceptor sizing by Metro Vancouver have led to a relaxation of what may connect into a grease interceptor.  Below is a short list of what DOES NOT need to connect into a grease interceptor any longer:

  • Bar Sinks
  • Glass Washer
  • Espresso Machine

Further on online sizing app allows the user to calculate the size of their new grease interceptor. Click here for the Metro Vancouver’s grease interceptor sizing chart.

Non-simultaneous load

We get a lot of questions about this.  Simply put a non-simultaneous load means that the fixture must still connect to a grease interceptor but DOES NOT ADD to the size of a grease interceptor.  Below is a list of fixtures that must connect to a grease interceptor but does not add to the total size.  Only exception is if the fixture below has a LARGER flow rate than the other fixtures draining to the grease interceptor then IT’S low rate must be used.

  • Floor drain 
  • Trench drain
  • Mop sink
  • Self-Cleaning kitchen exhaust hood

Exception to this is if the floor drain has a dedicated sanitary discharge say from a wok.  The understanding here is that the floor drain (and trench drain) are used after hours for cleaning.  

***This is an estimation tool only please retain the services of an experienced and qualified Mechanical Engineer to ascertain your needs.

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Telephone: 3-1-1

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