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The Kurtosh a Healthy Donut?

The Kurtosh, located in Kerrisdale; 2285 W 41st Ave, Vancouver has a unique twist on what North Americans would believe to be a donut. Evolve Mechanical Solutions were retained as the mechanical engineers and designed a Class 2 Ventilation system.  That is: steam and heat removal only, no grease laden vapours were present thus NFPA-96 welded ductwork… Read more »

Ritual Restaurant Living Wage Policy

Ritual Restaurant located near the corner of Robson street and Denman brings a Gas Town feel to the Westend.  The twist with this restaurant is the Living Wage policy, that is there is no tipping required. BEFORE: AFTER:   BEFORE: AFTER: BEFORE: AFTER: BEFORE: AFTER: I sat down with owner and executive Chef Nevada Cope to… Read more »