A staggering 57% of all restaurant fires originate from cooking equipment, according to the American National Restaurant Association.

Fire Suppression systems protect a building as the first line of defense against accidental, appliance and grease fires in a kitchen. Investing in a professional kitchen fire hood suppression system that is properly designed and installed is crucial to the well-being of your staff, clients and overall business success by significantly reducing the chance of injury, fatalities and severe property damage.

How does a Kitchen Hood Suppression System work?

A fire requires three things to thrive: heat, oxygen and fuel. A Fire Suppression system attempts to stop fire at its source by detecting when there is excessive heat in the protected area and extinguishes the flames by applying a wet chemical. These chemicals are engineered to efficiently extinguish the fire by covering flames and starving them of oxygen and lowering the temperature of the fuel source. The Suppression system will also immediately cut the gas line to the appliance, depriving the fire of fuel. Then, the hood will automatically activate to remove excess smoke from the environment.

This approach quickly puts out a kitchen fire saving lives and not damaging other areas of the building.

Where is the Kitchen Fire Suppression System installed?

Kitchen Fire Suppression systems are designed to be installed over a wide variety of kitchen appliances, such as ranges, deep-fryers, griddles, etc. The chemical nozzles are installed within the exhaust hood to ensure the chemicals are discharged directly over the fire source.

Are Fire Suppression Systems just for kitchens?

No! Fire Suppression systems can discharge different chemicals for different applications. For example, a different chemical will be used for grease fires than for oil or electrical fires. Evolve understands these differences and can consult on the specific requirements needed for your application.

What are the benefits of Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems?

The bottom line is preventing a kitchen fire is less expensive than repairing structural and reputational damage after the fact. The inherent security and peace of mind that comes with a professionally designed Fire Suppression system is invaluable to your company.