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Why are kitchen exhaust fans important in your restaurant?

Kitchen exhaust systems in Vancovuer restaurant

Unsightly, perhaps. Necessary, 100% Restaurant kitchen exhaust fans not only remove the potentially odorous and toxic products of combustion that are unavoidably created through the cooking process, but they are also crucial to saving lives in the event of fire by helping to remove flames and smoke from the space.  Therefore, if any part of… Read more »

Ritual Restaurant Living Wage Policy

Ritual Restaurant located near the corner of Robson street and Denman brings a Gas Town feel to the Westend.  The twist with this restaurant is the Living Wage policy, that is there is no tipping required. BEFORE: AFTER:   BEFORE: AFTER: BEFORE: AFTER: BEFORE: AFTER: I sat down with owner and executive Chef Nevada Cope to… Read more »

Kitchen Catastrophe: Access Panels Fire Hazard

Kitchen Catastrophe: Access Panels Fire Hazard!!!  What’s wrong with this Grease Duct Access panel and inline fan connection? Well there are three obvious things:  The first problem is the fasteners (screws) penetrate into the grease duct, which is a big no no in NFPA-96: Fasteners, such as bolts, weld studs, latches, or wing nuts, used… Read more »